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Proudly serving Chesterfield for over 5 years

Fully Licensed & Insured

Serving with quality and care.

Rock and Gravel Installation
Rock and Gravel Installation

We take pride in creating, and maintaining well nourished and vibrant lawns all over Chesterfield.

Lawn Care

Pick from our many options and colors of mulch, rock, and gravel to spruce up any bed or let us design you a new space.

Mulch and Rock

You name it, we remove it and install it. We can remove any and all debris from any surface such as trash, leaves, and trees. 

Trees and Plants

We are a full service landscape and odd jobs company and provide a wide range of services that may not be listed so please call and speak to us!

Full Service

Services We Provide

Real Customer Feedback

We had a great experience with Leveled Edge Landscaping, ... and now we have a beautiful rain garden to manage some drain issues in our yard. Will definitely call for future projects !

Sarah K. say our yard was a huge project would be an understatement. Not only did they do a very thorough clean up beforehand, they diligently worked long hours in the heat, and over Memorial Day Weekend. Thank you for your hard work..

Janel R .

Prompt response time. Excellent service. I’d highly recommend.

Melanie J .

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